Turbocharger repairs

repairs per year

We provide repairs of turbochargers turbochargers at incurred costs – after the dismantling of the turbocharger, we determine the extent of its damage and the exact price of the needed repair. Only once you authorise the scope of time needed, as well as the final price, we proceed with the repair. We are capable to perform all possible repairs within 3 days after receiving your turbocharger.

The final price and the scope of work needed are always dependent on the specific defects of your turbocharger, for informational purposes we can, however, divide our repair capabilities into three levels: basic repair, advanced repair and general overhaul.

  • We provide repairs of turbochargers manufactured by GARRETT, HOLSET, BorgWarner (KKK & SCHWITZER), IHI, MITSUBISIHI and TOYOTA for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and various special applications 
  • We only use original spare parts and follow the manufacturer’s technical regulations and specifications
  • Each repair of a turbocharger includes: vibration and clearance measurements, oil flow checkup and oil leak testing
  • We use the latest technologies from known manufacturers, such as SCHENCK and Bruel & Kjaer
  • We have a turbocharger test-bench – we are capable to test every turbocharger for correct functionality all the way to the highest operational RPM range

Each turbocharger repaired by SPECIAL TURBO a.s., has a maximal clearance tolerance on the rotor of 50μm (0.05 mm), which is approximately half the diameter of a red blood cell!

Basic repair

The basic repair level can fix defects wihch are usually characterised by small oil leaks and increased clearances on the turbocharger rotor. These defects have as an effect a decrease of the vehicle´s performance, increased emissions and higher then average oil consumption.

The typical basic repair consists of:

  • Replacement of bearings (radial & axial)
  • Replacement of seal plate and seal rings
  • Sand blasting and ultrasonic debris removal
  • Balancing and test-benching
  • Calibration of the actuator

Advanced repair

The advanced turbocharger repair is usually needed in the case a basic repair is neglected, which has as a consequence light damages to the rotational coponents of the turbocharger. These damages cause high oil leaks, high tolerances on the rotor shaft, high emissions and decreased vehicle performance (or even its operability).

The typical advanced repair consists of:

  • Replacement of bearings (radial & axial)
  • Replacement of seal plates and seal rings
  • Replacement of the rotor/compressor wheel
  • Sand blasting and ultrasonic debris removal
  • Balancing and test-benching
  • Calibration of the actuator 

General overhaul

The general overhaul of a turbocharger is needed in the case of severe destructive damages. These damages have as an effect a loss of the turbocharger functionality, since most (or all) of the critical components (bearing housing, rotor, compressor wheel, compressor/turbine housing) were damaged beyond repairablity.

The typical GO consists of:

  • Replacement of the bearing housing (CHRA)
  • Replacement of turbine/compressor housings
  • Test benching, oil leak checks
  • Replacement and calibration of actuators
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