We are the authorized distributor and maintenance center of GARRETT, HOLSET, BORGWARNER (KKK  and SCHWITZER), MITSUBISHI and ČZ.

We have over 1500 different turbocharger types in stock for various types of passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as for special applications, such as: power generators, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, marine engines, military power units, aircraft engines and also racing high performance engines.

In our maintenance center you will find only qualified professionals trained by turbocharger manufacturers themselves, who use original spare parts and the leading technologies of vibration measuring and balancing with the aim of providing high quality maintenances, repairs and overhauls of turbochargers.

VNT technology

VGT technology

Turbochargers with Journal Bearings

We have various journal bearing turbochargers in stock for a wide range of applications, such as: passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, off highway commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment, power units/generators, marine engines, military powerpacks and even aircraft.

  • Turbochargers with journal bearings are the most common turbocharger types 
  • Turbochargers with journal bearings are more affordable than their ball-bearing counterparts and are intended for applications which do not emphasise high performance
  • For our customers, we offer a wide range of services ranging all the way from sales to repairs, spare parts supply and consulting services

Turbochargers with Ball Bearings

A turbocharger with ball bearings is most often used for high-performance automobiles. Ball bearings reduce friction and can withstand higher loads – as a result, the turbocharger is able to transmit more power than its counterpart with journal bearings. Ball Bearing Turbochargers also don´t suffer from “turbo-lag” as much. Most of BB turbochargers are manufactured by GARRETT, IHI and BorgWarner KKK (mass produced performance cars).

  • This product line represents turbochargers well intended for performance upgrades
  • Thanks to the inovation and technical design they are able to transmit a higher power output
  • They are characterized by much smaller friction coefficient, resulting in a much better boost and response in low RPM ranges
  • They are manufactured from high quality materials
  • The various types are characterized by different dimensions of the compressor or turbine housings – the advantage is that the turbo can be matched easily to a specific engine
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