Viscous fans and couplings

In the year 2011, we have expanded our portfolio by becoming the authorised distributor of visco fans and viscous couplings  manufactured by BEHR HELLA SERVICE a BORGWARNER THERMAL SYSTEMS.

We are capable to offer you visco fans and couplings for all types of commercial and off-highway vehicles, mainly those produced by AVIA, RENAULT TRUCKS, MERCEDES, DAF, MAN, IVECO, SCANIA and VOLVO. All the products included in our portfoilo are either in stock or deliverable with a lead time of three working days.

Distribution and sales

Sales of visco fans and couplings manufactured by BorgWarner a BEHR-HELLA:

  • A ventilator with a visco clutch uses the limited slip capability provided by thermal adhesive properties of the liquid filling
  • Transmits torque with a limited slip capability
  • A visco fan is active only when needed by the engine
  • In around 90% of driving situations, engine cooling is provided by natural air flow
  • It is fixed using a union nut with a left-hand thread on the water pump shaft 
  • During storage, it should not be inclined at more than 45° for a lengthy period of time – especially a coupling that has already been operated  

Consultancy and advising

  • Advising related to aviailable items of viscous fans and couplings
  • Aplications of various vasco fans and couplings
  • The correct identification of a visco fan/coupling and its possible alternative replacements
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