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ČZ a.s. is a Czech industrial enterprise with over 80 year of production experiences. The ČZ a.s. Turbocharger Division is an integral part of the enterprise for over 30 years. It is concerned with production of turbochargers for various commercial, industrial and agricultural engines.


ČZ a.s. Turbocharger currently manufactures three types: K36 turbocharger, K27 turbocharger and C1 turbocharger. K36 and K27 types were formely produced on a licence for BorgWarner KKK, however the C1 type is a result of in-house R&D. ČZ Turbo is a proud beholder of various quality certificates, such as ISO 9001: , ISO 14001 and various Workplace Safety certificates. The high quality of products is a result of long tradition coupled with modern production methods. ČZ Turbocharger currently exports about 90% of its production. One of the largest OE customers is John Deere and AGCO – the largest global producers of agricultural equipment. 






Modern tractors from Massey-Ferguson are equiped with the new C13 e-actuated turbocharger. This turbocharger type is the most innovative product in the current ČZ portfolio.
The production program of ČZ a.s. includes turbochargers of types C0,C1,C2 (K27) and C3 (K36) with inducer sizes ranging from 40mm to 110mm. The output range is from 40 kW to massive engines with over 400 kW!
During R&D, ČZ a.s. uses the most modern technologies of projecting and prototyping. The development of new turbochargers includes close cooperation with the engine producer, since every turbocharger can ba tailored to the engine.



ČZ Turbo a.s. is also a supplier for spare parts (CHRA) and turbochargers for John Deere tractors and other agricultrual equipment. SPECIAL TURBO a.s. is the official distributor - our portolio includes both new turbochargers and the core assemblies (CHRA). 
SPECIAL TURBO a.s. is the official Europen distributor of ČZ Turbochargers since 1992.
Turbochargers ČZ a.s. of types C12, C13, C14, C15, C23, C32, K27 and K36 are used on various known and even iconic vehicle brands, such as: John Deere, Zetor, Tatra Trucks, Škoda Industrial, Jenbacher, KAMAZ, GAZ, MMZ and others.